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The cost of weddings has continued to rise, with the average nuptials now coming in at over $29,000. If you’re worried about starting your married life in the red, here are four top tips for sticking to your wedding budget.


1. Write a budget for everything. It’s easy to get a general idea of what things cost and call that enough, but it’s a recipe for disaster. If you go into each bit of shopping with an exact budget (or even cash in an envelope) it will keep you from going even a little over. A “little over” here and there can quickly add up!

2. Shop around. Don’t get caught up on the first thing you see, from venue to dress. Instead, shop around, comparing prices and perks. Along with finding a better price, you might find a hidden gem that you didn’t expect.

3. Start early. One of the biggest budget busters is doing things at the last minute. If you book vendors in advance, you can often get the best prices as you don’t need to pay for rush services.

4. Be honest about it. When you speak to vendors, tell them what you budget really is. If they know what you — and they — are working with, they can create the wedding that is truly within that budget. When your wedding is created to meet your budget, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on things.

A great way to keep on budget for your New England wedding is to come to one of our wedding shows. You can meet loads of great New England wedding vendors all in one place, making shopping around even easier! To find out more about upcoming shows, get in touch!