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Weddings are supposed to be happy moments in people’s lives – not moments they associate with stress, drama and an overwhelming number of things to handle. However, most of the brides will definitely feel really anxious about the big day – and that’s perfectly understandable, considering how many things are involved in planning for such a big event.


How do you keep drama tucked away so that you can truly enjoy this magical day? Here are some tips to help you out:

Stay organized. Starting with a  checklist is always helpful. Even more than that, knowing exactly how much you can spend on each of the wedding-related items and services should be a priority.  Otherwise, you will end up with a huge hole in your budget – and no matter how important this day is for you, it’s not worth paying for the “consequences” of bad budgeting.

  • Stay strong. Remember that this is your wedding – and not your mother-in-law’s, sister’s or anyone else’s. You and your groom-to-be are the most important people at this event and you should be the ones feeling happy about how it turned out. When someone tries to make you do something you don’t want to, simply explain it to them that you are really keen on doing things your way. Eventually, they will understand.
  • Take a break. When things get too rough, do not hesitate to take a break. Go shopping, get a massage or simply spend a whole Saturday watching your favorite TV shows. It will help you get your mind off the thousand things you have to do and “come back” with a fresh and relaxed perspective over things.
  • Do hire a wedding planner. Truth be told, most of us have absolutely no experience in planning weddings and this is precisely why a wedding planner can turn out to be so helpful. From budgeting to décor, they can help you create a wedding worthy of a movie – minus all the hassle that comes with putting together all the pieces of the “puzzle”.

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Photo source: flickr.com/John Hope