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The flowers, the food, the venue and the million other small things to take care of – it’s no wonder why so many brides simply break down before the Big Day! Planning for a wedding can be confusing, stressful and it can generate a lot of anxiety, so before you even get yourself started you should make sure to read and learn as much as possible about how this is done.


Booking wedding vendors is obviously a very important part of planning a wedding. However, you may feel confused as to when this should be done. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Generally speaking, the venue is the first “vendor” to book. Once you have decided on an approximate number of guests (and maybe on a particular wedding theme), it’s time to “hunt” for the perfect venue. Keep in mind that they may be able to help you find other services too: florists, caterers and so on.
  • Next to the vendors come the caterers, the photographers/videographers, the music providers and the officiant. All these vendors will provide you with the “basics” of a wedding and they should be booked about 9-11 months before the Big Day.
  • Once you did this as well, it is time to think of the (smaller) details. About 6-9 months before the wedding, you should book your florist, your confectioner, your confectioner, your stationery provider and your transportation.

Here at Wedding Day Expositions, we have gathered the best professionals in this field to make your choices easier. From florists to caterers and from DJs to entertainers, we have gathered them all in a list that only includes exquisite service providers. Come check us out and start planning for your Big Day! We’ll help you make it unforgettable!

Photo source: flickr.com/Agence Tophos