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Indeed, weddings tend to be a lot about the brides and (and about the huge number of things they have to deal with for their wedding day). However, it takes two to make a wedding and the groom should be considered equally important as well.


Yes, the groom does have plenty of tasks to complete for the wedding too! Here are some of them:

  • While the groom will not be expected to choose the bridal bouquet or the bridesmaids’ dresses, he can definitely have an opinion. He can help with picking the food, the cake, the venue and he can even help with the wedding registry as well.
  • Also, the groom can help the bride to plan for their honeymoon. With so many things to do, she will be quite busy and allowing the groom to shoulder this responsibility is a great opportunity to help her out.
  • Sometimes, grooms choose to attend bridal shows with their fiancés as well. This helps them find the best tuxedo and wedding accessories for themselves and it helps their brides with moral support as well.
  • The groom is very often expected to choose the alcoholic drinks for the wedding reception as well. While the bride can definitely have a say, it is usually the groom who does that.
  • He will have to prepare a speech! Just like every other important “character” at the wedding, the groom will be expected to give a speech – and it should definitely be a memorable one!

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Photo source: flickr.com/ Flyinace2000