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Planning a wedding is not easy – not at all actually. Sometimes, even with a lot of attention to detail and even if you have been planning this day for a long time, there are things you simply cannot foresee. Rain is one of those things.


A rainy wedding day is acceptable if you plan on having an indoor wedding. However, if you want an outdoor wedding, a rainy day becomes a big problem. How can you prepare for this kind of unexpected situations? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Renting a tent is absolutely crucial. These days, tents come in a huge variety and they can even be decorated in a way that makes them look really beautiful. Even more than that, if you are afraid that the temperature may be chillier than you had expected it to be, you can also rent heating devices – so that your guests and you are completely comfortable.
  • Talk to your videographer/photographer about the possibility of a rainier day. You want your wedding photos and video to look beautiful regardless of the natural light. Extra tip: bring a beautiful umbrella for the photo shooting and your wedding album will look romantic and artistic.
  • Remember to include a note in your wedding invitations to let your guests know that you will have an outdoor wedding. This will remind them to dress appropriately for the event and it will also remind them to pack accordingly as well.

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Photo source: flickr.com/  anna maria liljestrand