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Weddings are emotional for everyone, not just for the bride and her groom. As the mother-of-the-Bride, you will definitely feel overwhelmed with emotions so make sure you are prepared for the Big Day too. Here are some of the moments that will surely touch your heart:


  • The moment your baby girl tells you she is engaged. This marks the beginning of a whole new era in the lives of everybody in your family. It also marks the beginning of the wedding planning process – and that’s something your daughter will surely want you to help her with.
  • The moment you, your daughter and her friends find the perfect wedding gown. Every lady knows just how important a wedding dress can be – and you will understand your daughter better than anyone else in the world. The moment she find the one will be something you will definitely recall with joy and emotion at the same time.
  • The moment you help her dress up. There it is. The BIG DAY is finally here and your baby girl looks more stunning than ever. Helping your daughter get dressed to walk down the aisle is a huge moment and she will definitely want to shoot some pictures now. Be prepared and wear some waterproof mascara because tears will definitely start pouring!
  • The moment she says I Do. No words are enough to describe this moment – make sure you are prepared for a whole new round of tears though!
  • The moment she dances with her father. Many years ago, it was you and him who danced the First Dance. Now, your baby girl is all grown up and her father is “giving her away” to another man – just the same as your father did with you.

Get ready for your daughter’s Big Day and help her plan everything the way she has always dreamed it. Don’t forget to stop by Wedding Day Exposition if you need help from the pro’s – our specialist wedding vendors will definitely provide the very best service for you and your daughter!

Photo source: flickr.com/  Tanya Schroeder