Are you ready to pop the question? Be creative when doing so with these fun ideas


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Popping the BIG question – now, that’s a moment neither you, nor your lover will ever forget. This is the beginning of an whole new “era” in your life – one where you are ready to commit, build a family and grow old together with the person you love.


If you want to propose in a fun and creative way, make sure to read on. We have picked up some great ideas and some of them may provide you with some inspiration on how to do this as uniquely as possible.

  • Routine things can be romantic. If you and your loved one already live together, you are probably accustomed with certain things – such as eating breakfast together, for example. Take these things and transform them into a magic moment she will recall with a huge smile on her face. For instance, pop the big question with stick-it notes on the fridge – she’ll definitely be impressed.
  • Is her birthday coming soon? Have a confectioner make her a beautiful (and delicious!) cake and have him/her write on it the big question. “Happy Birthday” may be more traditional, but then again, this will be a huge surprise for her.
  • If you are fairly good with photo editing, create a slideshow with photos of you and her. At the end of the movie, pop the big question. If you want the whole world to know about your love, post the video on YouTube too!

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When should you book your wedding vendors? And in what order? Find out here:


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The flowers, the food, the venue and the million other small things to take care of – it’s no wonder why so many brides simply break down before the Big Day! Planning for a wedding can be confusing, stressful and it can generate a lot of anxiety, so before you even get yourself started you should make sure to read and learn as much as possible about how this is done.


Booking wedding vendors is obviously a very important part of planning a wedding. However, you may feel confused as to when this should be done. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Generally speaking, the venue is the first “vendor” to book. Once you have decided on an approximate number of guests (and maybe on a particular wedding theme), it’s time to “hunt” for the perfect venue. Keep in mind that they may be able to help you find other services too: florists, caterers and so on.
  • Next to the vendors come the caterers, the photographers/videographers, the music providers and the officiant. All these vendors will provide you with the “basics” of a wedding and they should be booked about 9-11 months before the Big Day.
  • Once you did this as well, it is time to think of the (smaller) details. About 6-9 months before the wedding, you should book your florist, your confectioner, your confectioner, your stationery provider and your transportation.

Here at Wedding Day Expositions, we have gathered the best professionals in this field to make your choices easier. From florists to caterers and from DJs to entertainers, we have gathered them all in a list that only includes exquisite service providers. Come check us out and start planning for your Big Day! We’ll help you make it unforgettable!

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Let everyone know you were just married with these fun car decorating options


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Getting married is one of life’s biggest and most beautiful events. Stepping into a whole new life together with the person you love is something that needs celebration – and if you are excited about this new beginning, you will definitely want everyone to know about it.

Decorating cars with “Just Married” signs is very common out there, but you should know that you are more than allowed to be creative about it. We have gathered some of the best “Just Married” fun car decorating ideas out there so read on and find out what they are.

Just Married

  • Pompons, not cans. It has become rather customary for newlyweds to attach strings of cans to their car and a “Just Married” sign on the back. Instead of cans, you can always use something even more fun and cute: pompons. Choose them in your wedding theme colors and you’ll get some wonderful “bidding farewell” pictures.
  • Heart-shaped wooden sign. You don’t need a lot to create this fun “Just Married” sign. A wooden heart and something to write on it (and to be visible) should be enough. If you know someone who has great, artistic handwriting, ask them to write the sign because it will look much better this way.
  • Frame your “Just Married” sign with your wedding flowers if you want your “farewell” car to look romantic and to fit into your wedding theme. You can even get some of your flower arrangements and re-arrange them to frame the sign.

Wedding Day Exposition’s exhibitors can help you create a memorable, fun and romantic wedding. Contact them regardless of what it is that you need: catering, wedding signs or a wedding car to help you “get off” to your honeymoon. Contact them and get the wedding you truly deserve!

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Tips to Keep a Natural Make-Up Look for Your Neutral Winter Wedding


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Everything about your wedding can make the difference between “unforgettable” and “not what I had in mind”. However, your wedding look is the most important “piece of the puzzle” and you should definitely give yourself the attention you need.


If you are planning on a neutral winter wedding, make sure your make-up is suitable for this theme. Believe it or not, it will actually look better in the pictures if you really match the make-up to your wedding theme. What kind of make-up is recommended for a neutral winter wedding? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Use powder foundation. It will not feel as heavy as the cream one and it will add a natural finish to your face. However, if you feel that you need more coverage, do make sure you choose a foundation that is actually the same color as your skin.
  • Don’t use a lot of make-up on the eyes and stick to brown and neutral tones. There are many beautiful make-up techniques to help you emphasize your eyes, their color and their shape without using a lot of colorful eye shadow.
  • Choose a peachy pink or a very neutral shade for your lipstick too. Also, for a fully natural look, try to stick to the matte variations and avoid using lip-gloss or metallic colors. Red is always an elegant choice, but do go for something that is “faded” rather than very bright if you want your make-up to look really natural.
  • Don’t use bronzer, but do contour the face and add just a bit of blush on the “apples” of your cheeks. Remember that you should really avoid going heavy on this more than on anything else because it will not look natural.

If you want a professional make-up artist to deal with your wedding look, don’t forget to check out Wedding Day Expositions’ list of Beauty vendors. You’ll feel like a true celebrity once they take care of your make-up!

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Keep the Wedding Drama Tucked Away with These Tips


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Weddings are supposed to be happy moments in people’s lives – not moments they associate with stress, drama and an overwhelming number of things to handle. However, most of the brides will definitely feel really anxious about the big day – and that’s perfectly understandable, considering how many things are involved in planning for such a big event.


How do you keep drama tucked away so that you can truly enjoy this magical day? Here are some tips to help you out:

Stay organized. Starting with a  checklist is always helpful. Even more than that, knowing exactly how much you can spend on each of the wedding-related items and services should be a priority.  Otherwise, you will end up with a huge hole in your budget – and no matter how important this day is for you, it’s not worth paying for the “consequences” of bad budgeting.

  • Stay strong. Remember that this is your wedding – and not your mother-in-law’s, sister’s or anyone else’s. You and your groom-to-be are the most important people at this event and you should be the ones feeling happy about how it turned out. When someone tries to make you do something you don’t want to, simply explain it to them that you are really keen on doing things your way. Eventually, they will understand.
  • Take a break. When things get too rough, do not hesitate to take a break. Go shopping, get a massage or simply spend a whole Saturday watching your favorite TV shows. It will help you get your mind off the thousand things you have to do and “come back” with a fresh and relaxed perspective over things.
  • Do hire a wedding planner. Truth be told, most of us have absolutely no experience in planning weddings and this is precisely why a wedding planner can turn out to be so helpful. From budgeting to décor, they can help you create a wedding worthy of a movie – minus all the hassle that comes with putting together all the pieces of the “puzzle”.

Wedding Day Expositions has gathered a list of fabulous wedding vendors, planners and service providers. Check it out and get the drama-free wedding you’ve always wanted!

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Switch Up Your Bridal Party! There Is No Need for Only “Bridesmaids” and “Groomsmen”, Have Both on Each Side


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Weddings are usually surrounded by lots of customs and superstitions. These days though, even the most “rigid” wedding rules are commonly bent – and for good reasons too. In the end, your wedding is yours and there’s nothing and nobody out there who can stop you doing whatever you want with this. You and your groom have to feel excellent and if “rules” stay in your way, you should simply leave them aside.


There’s nothing stopping you from wearing a red dress or from allowing your groom to see you before the big “I Do”. Likewise, there’s nothing stopping you from switching up your bridal party a bit. After all, these are your friends and their gender should not stop them from playing an important role at your wedding! Here are some “switch up” ideas to keep in mind:

  • If you have a very good male friend and if you want him to be part of your bridal party, there should be nothing to stop you from doing this. Traditionally, the bridal party is consisted of bridesmaids or matrons, but a “man of honor” or a “bridesman” is fully acceptable as well. And this stands valid for your groom as well! If he wants his sister or friend to be his “best lady”, there’s nothing to stop him!
  • Even if you do go for the “traditional” way of choosing your parties, you can always “mix” them up at the reception. Why should the bridesmaids stay on one side and the groomsmen on the other side? If you think it looks better in a different way, definitely go for it!
  • Keep in mind that there will be people who may not like this. But, as mentioned before, this day is important for x” them up at the reception. Why should the bridesmaids stay on one side and the groomsmen on the other side? If you think it looks better in a different way, definitely go for it!
  • Keep in mind that there will be people who may not like this. But, as mentioned before, this day is important for you and your groom, not for anyone else! Do whatever makes you happy!

Wedding Day Expositions will bring you the best wedding vendors out there. Just contact them and your wedding will turn out amazing, regardless of what your preferences may be!

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Top wedding planning tips to help your planning run smoothly


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Planning a big event is not an easy deal, no matter what event you are thinking of. But when it comes to your big wedding day, you will want everything to be perfect. From the wedding gown you will wear to the flowers your bridesmaids will hold in their hands and from your wedding vows to bidding farewell to your guests, you will want every single part of your wedding to be absolutely perfect from all points of view. And that’s perfectly normal!


To help you with this, we have put together a list of some of the best wedding planning tips to keep in mind. Read them and apply them as well  because they will definitely make everything run smoother.

  • Before you do anything, sit down and make a list of all the things you have to take care of. Make sure not to miss out on anything, including those small details such as glassware and placement cards!
  • Establish very clearly how much you can afford paying for each of the major services: catering, location, florals, wedding gown and tuxedo and so on. Try to stick within your budget because otherwise it may be very difficult to pull off the perfect stress-free wedding.
  • Location goes first! Before you think of anything else, make sure you choose your ideal location. This will give you an idea of how your wedding will look like as well.
  • Don’t forget about choosing a theme for your wedding too, as this will be very important for the decor-related choices you will have to make.
  • Make a shoot list of the moments you want your photographer to capture on “film”. Although most of the photography professionals will know what to look after, it is better to be safe than sorry!

If you need help with your wedding planning efforts, do not hesitate to call for the help of the amazing wedding service providers we have gathered in our Wedding Day Expositions list! Each and every single one of them has the experience and the know-how necessary for unforgettable weddings so they will definitely help you as well.

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Top themes for your Fall wedding


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Your wedding is a very, very big event in your life. This is the moment you are starting your life with the one you love. This is the first day of the rest of your life and the first day of a long series of happy moments as well.


Naturally, you want your wedding to be special. And this is precisely why you will have to think of a theme to tie everything together: from your reception food to the ceremony décor that will be surrounding you when you say the big “I Do”. If you are planning on a fall wedding, we’ve got some really amazing theme ideas for you. Read on and find them out:

  • Pumpkins. Few other things are more “fall-y” than pumpkins. You can have their color surrounding you, you can use them for your flower arrangements and you can also add them to your menu as well (drinks, dishes and desserts at the same time).
  • Black and yellow tones. One of the things we love most about fall is precisely its color scheme. The rich yellows blending into the browns and blacks of the trees really make for a very romantic background – so why not bring that into your wedding as well?
  • Halloween wedding. This may be a bit more daring, but if you are really into horror movies and Halloween, there’s nobody stopping you from having an all-Halloween wedding as well. Don’t worry, you can keep your big day very elegant and “creepy” at the same time. You just have to use your creativity a bit!

No matter what fall theme you choose for your big day, make sure to take a look at the wedding specialists Wedding Day Exposition has gathered for you. Experience and dedication are what characterize them best so you can rest assured that calling for their services will help you create a wedding that’s simply unforgettable!

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Tips to elegantly decorate your tables for your big day

Your wedding day is getting closer with every second that goes by. As every bride-to-be out there, you are probably stressed out over the fact that you want your wedding to really turn out as you have always wanted it to be.


Aside from your dress and aside from the photographer, venue and the other thousand things you will have to think of, you will also have to remind yourself to take your tables into consideration as well. Making them look pretty will add a lot to your big day and it will definitely make your guests feel better at your wedding too. Here are some tips on how to elegantly decorate your tables for the wedding reception:

  • Pay a lot of attention to the linens you will use. If you want to be truly unique, forget about plain white linens and go for something more original. If you are afraid to add “too much” to the table with a very bright-colored or with very embellished linens, simply choose table runners that add a dash of color. Also, choosing white linens with some sort of pattern on them is an elegant choice as well.
  • Pay attention to the centerpieces as well. If your linens are embellished, make sure your centerpieces will be elegant and simple. Sometimes, less actually is more!
  • Candles are romantic and they go perfectly with weddings, so you could place some around the central flower arrangement too! Again, make sure that the table doesn’t look too “crowded” because this could create the opposite effect of what you wanted.
  • Don’t forget to take care of the glassware and of the tableware as well. Go for something elegant and beautiful and, if you want to sprinkle some originality, personalize some of the glasses. They could also double as wedding favors too!

For everything wedding-related and for a good list of high quality professionals that could help you with planning every single thing about your big day, make sure to visit Wedding Day Exposition. Our exhibitors have the experience and know-how required to create perfect weddings!

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Unique proposals to make your lady feel extra special!

Popping the big question is not an easy thing to do – and many men would run scared even at the mere thinking of it. However, when you have found that one lady whom you want to spend your life with, no fear can stop you from making the big step.


If you really want to make your lady feel extra special, you will definitely want to be unique in the way you propose to her. We have gathered a set of ideas you may like:

  • Go with her somewhere special. It may be a holiday you have been planning for a long time, it may be the spot where you kissed the first time – whatever it is, make sure it has some sort of significance for both of you. Have someone passing by take a picture of the two of you, but instead of simply posing, get into one knee and ask her the big question. Her surprise and amazement will be caught on the photo!
  • Since Christmas is getting closer, you could use this beautiful holiday to pop the question as well. Get a few present boxes, each one larger than the other. The ring box should be the smallest one. Place it in a larger box and then in a larger one until you get a very big present. She will try to get rid of the packaging to see what you bought her. She will most likely be extremely surprised at the sight of such an important small-sized gift!
  • Does she like Sherlock Holmes? Prepare a true “investigation” for her. Start with early morning and place clues that will eventually lead her to the big prize. You will indeed need to take a day off for this, but considering the importance of the moment (and the way she will feel about this), it will all be worth it!

Once she says “yes”, a whole frenzy of wedding planning-related things will begin. Be prepared and contact the professionals we have gathered at Wedding Day Exposition! This way, your lady will be able to relax and truly enjoy her big day without having to stress out too much about it!

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